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Efficient Energy Ligthing is a lighting Maintenance Company

Lighting Maintenance

You can have the best lighting fixtures in the world, but you can’t see in the dark when the bulbs are burned out and because burned-out bulbs are only obvious at night, you might not know about the dark areas until customers start telling you they don’t feel safe or they stop coming.


Our Services

Efficient Energy Lighting has a wide range of services to enhance help you going in the dark.

  • Lighting Maintenance
    Reduce liability and keep your property well-lit with Efficient Energy Lighting’s
  • LED Retrofitting
    Take advantage of new technologies and their associated savings with Efficient Energy Lighting
  • Security Lighting Upgrades
    Keep your property crime free with Efficient Energy Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
    Keep the light shining in your workspace with Efficient Energy Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting and Maintenance                   Keep your customers safe.  Don't loose customer because you have inadequate lighting at your business.
  • Energy Audits                                                              
  •  Let us help you discover what factors are increasing your energy consumption.

For your business lighting needs both interior and exterior: